John Farley, MA, Psy.D.

Optimal Performance Specialist

What is the Optimal Performance Experience? Imagine the feeling of being free and unleashed to achieve

Leading sports psychologist, Dr. Robert Nideffer, has referred optimal performance as those relatively infrequent times when individuals feel totally immersed in the performance. They are “in the moment” performing at an automatic level, without need for conscious thought or direction. They feel totally in control, totally focused on the task, extremely confident, with a total loss of self-consciousness, and their perception of the passage of time is altered either losing all awareness of time, or feeling as if things are happening in slow motion (Williams & Krane, 2000).

For three decades, John has counseled, taught and entertained audiences to let go of limitations and achieve more.

Programming Your Human Computer is his keynote that combines a science based, motivational presentation followed by the most entertaining and hilarious hypnosis demonstration that you’ll ever see.

John has presented for audiences in over 20 U.S. states and over 100 cities. Your people will leave happy, amazed, empowered and ready to achieve.

“Your show was AWESOME!! I was laughing so hard, I cried! I'm so glad I went. [We] ....really enjoyed it. :)”

— Susana A. - San Jose, CA

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John shows the audience how attitudes, images and beliefs aid or slow goal attainment.


John guides volunteers into hypnosis to achieve optimal performance.


All audience members experience a shift in perspective that generates bigger goal and greater achievements personally and professionally.

"I had a really GREAT time!"

— Asia (audience member)

"I feel super relaxed right now!”

— Sam (volunteer on stage)

“What you are teaching people is life changing.”

— Ben Sherwood, author; Former ABC Television President; CEO of Mojo

A leading authority on optimal performance, sports psychology and subconscious programming, John Farley has presented, coached and counseled audiences and individuals from Iraq to California. He’s an author, speaker, entertainer — and considered the foremost authority on subconscious weight loss techniques. John has advanced university degrees in physical education, applied sports psychology, and studied at The MindBody Institute at Harvard Medical School. He was taught hypnosis at a young age by Iron Mike Tyson’s personal sports hypnotist when Tyson was reigning heavyweight champion. Today, John shares the gift of laughter, empowerment and hypnosis with his audiences.

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Which Transformation Does Your Audience Need Now?

Program Your Human Computer (In-person Keynote)

This presentation is where John shows your audience how thoughts impact their bodies, feelings and behaviors. The hypnosis portion will leave everyone laughing and learning!

Bounce Forward Faster (Live DIGITAL Presentation)

John connects with his audience through the internet. He tells more of his amazing story and then gives the three fundamental skills for becoming more resilient and adaptable in the areas of life its most needed.

The Comedy Hypnosis Show

Great fun. Inspiring. Classy. Tasteful. Empowering. Unforgettable.