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World famous hypnotist John Farley live at THE STATE!

John Farley is an optimal performance expert. His ability to connect with youth to inspire change is unusual. Students will laugh, learn and leave transformed for the better.

Liana enjoyed "Programming Your Human Computer!”

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Programming Your Human Computer

Teach the subconscious mind to achieve goals

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See John in action!

Comedy Hypnosis Show Reel

Power Up!™ — Corporate stress management and optimal performance.

“I wanted to let you know how much my friends and I loved your show.”

— Kathy Horne – San Jose, CA

“Entertaining, hilarious, and fun, John Farley's Mesmerized was a wonderful evening of laughter for all.”

— Dorothy Pancoast – Theatre on San Pedro Square, Santa Clara, CA

“Your show was AWESOME!! I was laughing so hard, I cried! I'm so glad I went. [We] ....really enjoyed it. :)”

— Susana A. - San Jose, CA

“…Would love to see another one…Keep me posted on the next one, I've got several friends interested.”

— Adriana S. - Santa Clara, CA

“I found MesmeriZzzed to be both fascinating & hilarious - I was thoroughly entertained.”

— Mary Matsunaga – CA

“Thank you for having such a great performance at our school. We needed a positive incentive for the students to attend school, and we got just that. The kids who were in the show enjoyed it very much. The students who watched were mesmerized. The stories that students told of their experiences will entice graduating classes for years to come. We will be inviting you back next year to start the tradition of a fun day for testing.”

— Matt Kolda - Westmont High School, CA

“Just want to let you know that I truly enjoyed your show. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. I am so glad [my friend] twisted my arm into going….”

— Maria Warrick, RN

“I saw John Farley's show last night and it was great. Really a fun time! Well worth it.”

— Cathy Cassetta – Executive Director, The Theatre on San Pedro Square

Optimal Performance:

What is Optimal Performance? Leading sports psychologist, Dr. Robert Nideffer, has referred optimal performance as those relatively infrequent times when individuals feel totally immersed in the performance. They are “in the moment” performing at an automatic level, without need for conscious thought or direction. They feel totally in control, totally focused on the task, extremely confident, with a total loss of self-consciousness, and their perception of the passage of time is altered either losing all awareness of time, or feeling as if things are happening in slow motion (Williams & Krane, 2000).

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Meet John Farley

Speaker, author, motivational hypnotist and trained sports psychology counselor and nationally known wellness expert — John has studied the secrets of top performers in sports, sales, business and performing arts — and has used them himself to achieve.

In his highly entertaining keynotes, he demonstrates how top performers achieve amazing results through the science of advanced visualization — and how you can use the same scientific psy-chological principles in your business and personal life.

John has given hundreds of presentations on motivation, improving performance as well as pres-entations to corporations, schools, colleges and the general public. He is an award winning speaker appearing on national television, ABC, NBC, PBS and the 6-Second Abs worldwide infomercial(!) and many radio shows.

  • John Farley has appeared on television in 50 million US homes.
  • Author of The Satisfaction.
  • Co-founded a distance learning college.
  • Created the pre-pilot for what became NBC’s The Biggest Loser.
  • Independent television producer.
  • Master’s degree from Teacher’s College-Columbia University and a certificate from The MindBody Medical Institute at Harvard Medical School.
  • John is a doctoral level sports psychology expert.
  • Regional and national karate black belt champion (AAU, USAKF).
  • Dancing With The Stars Live, dance champion.
  • Entrepreneur of five (5) businesses.
  • Author, award winning speaker.
  • Age 11: pioneered a new record in coin snatching.

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